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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Our Love Story

In the fall of 2003, both the hubby and I were attending college. We didn't know each other. I was actually dating another guy. Here is our story.

I was a junior in college and taking Calculus II. Math had never been hard for me until Cal II. I struggled. Luckily there was a guy in my class who I studied with who seemed to know his stuff. About half way through the semester he mentioned that the reason he knew what he was doing was because his roommate was a math major and that I should know who he is because he we were all in the same institute class together. I found out later the math major had noticed me in class, but I had never noticed him. Oops.

The next time we were in class, my math friend introduced me to the math major. I use introduced lightly. Basically the math friend talked to me after institute about math and the math major waited for him. I remember walking back to the college and the math major was talking about how much torque it would take for Superman to stop the rotation of the earth. He was (is) a true math nerd.

About a week later I saw the math major in the lab building and I stopped him in the hallway. I told him that he probably didn't remember me, but I knew his roommate and I needed help in Cal II in a bad way. He agreed to tutor me.

We started meeting at the library in the evenings.  Mostly it started out with me being frustrated about not understanding the class. I specifically recall arguing about Fibonacci's sequence. In my mind it didn't make any sense. He stuck with me anyway. For Thanksgiving I was headed out of state to visit the guy I had been dating. I told him this and he seemed not to care. But I cared.

The trip to visit the boyfriend didn't go well. Not only because I was now interested in someone else, but because I figured out we both had "in charge" personalities that clashed a lot. He kept talking about marriage and I wasn't ready. (Turns out I just wasn't ready to marry him.) That weekend ended the relationship and I headed home.

After Thanksgiving I started looking for more reasons to see the math major. I would try to be in places I knew he would be. Once or twice I even waited outside the tutoring center where he worked with a lame excuse I was waiting for someone else. Even if he did think I was stalking him, he kept tutoring me.

Wanting an another excuse to see him, I invited his roommate (the math friend) and him to the First Presidency Christmas Devotional in SLC. They both agreed to go, the roommate went grudgingly because he has a final the next day. That was it for me. I knew I wanted to at least be dating this guy.

Later that week, he was helping me prepare for my Cal II final and I suggested that we go get some ice cream because my brain was done. He suggested dinner instead, so that's what we did. We talked for hours and enjoyed some yummy Mexican food at a small local restaurant. When he went to pay, the lady said his card wouldn't work, so I ended up paying. (We found out later when his credit card bill came that it had worked. We both paid for the first date.)

After this, we were together all the time. He went home to visit his family for Christmas, about 45 minutes away, and I drove over after Christmas in a huge blizzard to pick him up and bring him back. That is a huge deal for me. I don't drive in snow, ever, if it can be avoided.

It was a crazy 6 weeks together and we got engaged. It was fast, I know. Maybe we were too impulsive, but it was what we wanted. The math major was planning on leaving for grad school in the fall, and I wanted to go with him. My parents were thrilled. His parents, not so much. I don't think it was me they didn't like. I think it was the whirlwind romance they didn't like. Either way, we were married 3 month later in the Bountiful Temple.

Eight year later and it is still the best decision I have ever made. My math major tutor became my hubby, my eternal math tutor. 

I want to thank Montserrat from Chocolate On My Cranium for encouraging such fun posts, like this one and A Day In My Life


  1. Isn't it amazing the way it all works out? I am constantly in awe at the love our Heavenly Father has for us to see it all work out the best way for us!

    Your courtship was fast, but then some of ours really are. When you know it is right, it is right. Why wait?! :)

  2. I agree! When it's the right thing, it's the right thing. I loved reading your story! :-)

  3. Hey, I tutored my husband in math before we were engaged, maybe there's something to it! ☺

    1. Math is good for a marriage.....Well, at least the financial part. ;)

  4. I loved your story and I love whirlwind romances...and now I can see that there might be a good reason for calculus! :)

  5. This post is very touching! I never knew love would be this powerful and happy. :') I was really inspired after reading this post. Stay in love both of you.

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