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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Day In My Life

Chocolate On My Cranium encouraged us to do a post of pictures from a typical day. I found this hard, because we are not scheduled people in general. Every day is a little different. I guess that is the benefit of only having one kid. D is pretty good at going with the flow of things. Here is how yesterday went.

One fairly normal thing is that D crawls into my bed to snuggle at about 8:30 am. Sometimes it wakes me up. Other times I am awake and already have read scriptures. Either way I am waiting in bed for my morning snuggle.

Usually we have some sort of outing planned for the day. Not every day, but quite often. Children's museum, zoo, parks, science museum. Yesterday was story time at the library.

Followed by playing at the library.

The comes daily tasks (errands, laundry, cleaning) and lunch. No pictures of that because yesterday was some car errands and it didn't go well. It ended with tears, mine not D's, and the great Hubby ended up having to take care of the car issues this morning.

No day would be complete at our house with out super hero practice. D had saved up for a new toy and had to practice all day. I am pretty sure it was in his bed when he fell asleep.

Afternoons D gets to watch a movie if he didn't want morning cartoons. Today was Thundercats cartoon checked out from the library. He is studying up on new moves.

We always try and fit in something education in our day. Science, math games, cooking. Also, he has been learning to read. We practice his reading or I read to him. None of this is very scheduled. Here is where my lack of scheduling is my downfall. I don't get all the school stuff I would like to.

Evenings are different always too. Hubby teaches a night class a few times a week, so a lot of times it is just D and I. Yesterday we went to a friends house to babysit her girls. They made up all sorts of fun games, like freeze dance.

Last night I found this shoved in the couch. Any guesses why? Yup, D pulled off the button and hide it. That is not like him, but I guess a new challenge/parenting issue is part of a typical day. Nothing we can't handle.

Most nights I try and make it to the gym at night. Not last night. I big bowl of popcorn and Lost. Yes, I have never seen Lost, but my hubby owns them all on DVD, so we started watching them together. It is way better when you can ask questions and someone actually know the answers of what is going on.

And in case you were wondering, I did share some of my popcorn with the hubby. :)


  1. Your day looks fun. I didn't have a schedual either until we started school. Sometimes it is so much better to just roll with it and then you always have room to be flexable. (that's what I tell myself! :D) Even now some 8 years later, I struggle with sticking to mine!

  2. I think it's great that each day is just a bit different, even if the basic routines stay the same.

  3. I loved taking my littles to library story time! Morning snuggles are a great way to start the day.

  4. Now I want some popcorn. :)

    You have a lovely family!

  5. Hi Nicole! I just found your blog through a post on Chocolate on my Cranium- We too have a 'Sometimes Lonely only' I spent some time reading your previous blog posts and couldn't believe how much you write about reflects our situation so perfectly. It is reassuring to know that their are others out there dealing with the same struggles. Thanks so much for sharing!

    1. Thanks for your kind words, Audra. Funny how sharing things makes us realize we are less alone in our struggles.