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Sunday, January 22, 2012

If I Had A Brother...

A couple if days ago, we went to a friends house.  They have a boy a year older than D and a girl the same age as D, as well as a one year old. D and the older two play together really well. We are lucky enough to be able to schedule weekly play dates.

Last time we where there I heard the boy and D talking. D was explaining how it would be if he had a brother. It isn't the first time he has talked about if he had a brother or sister, it was just the first time I have heard him talking to his friends about it. It made my heart hurt a little.

When D has talked to us in the past about if or when we get a baby, we have explained that we probably won't. He takes it as a fact and it doesn't seem to upset him. I think he just wants another kid around. He wants what he doesn't have, but he is content overall. Our family of three is enough.

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