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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Easy Advent

Every year I have big plans to make a fun advent calendar for D, but every year Thanksgiving ends and, next thing I know, December has come. This year I made something! I know, I didn't get it together till Dec 1st, but hey, it got done!

So it all started with an idea I found that I loved. It was a guest post on I Am Momma Hear Me Roar. Huge Fan Here!!!  It was a post done by Kojo Designs. She did an advent with 25 different names for Jesus.  on ordainments.

Of course, it is Nov 29 when I finally decided to make an advent, so that wasn't going to happen this year. (I am definitely planning on making them next year!)  I continued my search for an easier and faster idea.  I found something simple on Pinterest. Paper Christmas trees.

That was it! I could totally do that. So we did. I only used the smallest template. I placed a candy kiss and a small paper in each one. Each paper had a name of Christ on it.  I half glued, half shoved tissue paper in the bottom because I knew D wouldn't leave them alone and I didn't want everything to fall out every time he picked them up.  In true Nicole fashion, I ended up with an extra paper, so one is missing a name. It's on the fridge for when we find that one.

Mine aren't as pretty as the ones from Family Fun, but D likes them. He decorated them with stickers, markers, and crayons. "Mom, they look like a forest."  I am glad he knew they were suppose to be trees. Now, what to do with all those extra candy kiss??? :)


  1. Really, really cute! Just found you through Chocolate on my Cranium. Happy December!