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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

De-clutter Time

So, I am a person who makes New Years resolutions every year. Do they stick? Some years are better than others. I have started to think about what some of my New Years resolutions should be, and I have come up with one I want to try this year. It is my year to de-clutter! I go through these phases of wanting to save everything to wanting to throw everything out. This year I want to find a happy medium. That is when I found www.mysimplerlife.com, and her great 2012 Declutter calendar!

You can sign up here for her news letter with tips and hints to declutter your life and you also get a downloadable calendar with a decluttering task for every day during 2012. They are usually simple things, like clean out your spice rack or throw out any old or expired medications. Some are more difficult, like let go of a hobby you haven't done in a while and get rid of it. Sundays are reserved for making your life simpler mentally speaking.

I am really excited to try this out in 2012. We have always lived in very small apartments and clutter and "stuff" is probably the thing I complain to my hubby about the most.

So, here's to New Years resolutions and making them stick!

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