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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Gingerbread Houses....Done!

I always want to make gingerbread houses with D at Christmas time, but it never happens. As you probably gathered from reading my advent calendar  dilemma, I am not much of a planner and not as on top of things as I should be. That is why the only year we did gingerbread houses was when I bought a pre-made kit. Then, last year, I found this little baby for $2 at the Walmart Christmas clearance section:

I had to have it! I pulled it out last week, read the recipe for gingerbread cookies that it came with, and thought, "This ain't going to happen." Then I read the suggestions at the bottom. It was suggestions on how else to use the pan. Rice crispy treat! Wilton came through for me! I pulled out the half eaten box of fruity pebbles and a half used bag of colored marshmallows. With a little butter and the microwave, we were in business. 

 The next day we used the pan to make "gingerbread" house pizza. It was a blast!

And it tasted good!

Next, I am thinking either cinnamon rolls or maybe a sugar cookie. My gingerbread problems are now solved.

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