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Monday, November 28, 2011

Birthday Survey

D turned 4 this month. A new tradition we have started in the "Birthday Survey."  I have seen this idea is a few different spots around the internet. I was excited to finally try it out on our own.  I started out by having his write his own name and his age. It is so cute to see his backwards 4.

I then wrote the answers to the rest of the questions.

Favorite color: pink and blue
Best friend: Adam, Katie, Mom, and all my stuffed animals
Favorite animal: tiger and beetles
What you want to be when you grow up: a firefighter
Favorite movie: Bug's Life
Favorite book: my magical Disney story books
Favorite food: fruit salad popcorn
Favorite toy: the boat my friend game me
Favorite thing to do with Dad: wrestle with him
Favorite thing to do with Mom: tell jokes with her
Favorite song: Book of Mormon Stories
Favorite holiday: birthdays

My plan is to do it every year for his birthday. It will be fun to see how the answers change or if any of them stay the same. One day I plan on compiling it all into a book with a picture and the answers. It will be one of those keepsakes that only a mom can truly see the value in.

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