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Thursday, November 10, 2011

The 17 Days of Christmas

So, are you guys on Pinterest? If not, you should be. It is awesome, but that is not exactly what this blog post is about. What it is about is this great idea I found on there for Christmas. It is from Sew Dang Cute and it is called The Christ Book.

It is 17 different days of scriptures, songs, and pictures about the Savior's life, starting with Christ's birth fortold and ending with Christ in out lives everyday. The other night I had some insomnia, so I spent that time putting a book together for us. I am just waiting for my pictures I ordered from LDS.org. I am so excited to start this new family tradition.

I will admit that I did add some song and remove other songs or picture. The reason being that I really wanted the picture and the scripture/story to be across from each other so that D can see the picture while we are reading, and that didn't always happen when I followed her outline. This idea would be a really easy one to change up if you wanted, but it is a great starting point. You could even make it go longer that 17 days if you added more songs or told more storied about the life of Jesus. I think 17 days will work well for us because we won't do it on Monday night because of Family Home Evening and there are always a couple of nights that D falls asleep before we get to scripture study. Plus, I don't want to do it on Christmas Eve. We already have family traditions for Christmas Eve.

I am so excited to add more Christmas traditions to our family that focus on Christ. Please share if you have any in your family. I am always looking for more.

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