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Monday, October 24, 2011

Tradition of Love

I have a memory from when I was younger. My family went to a park. It was a favorite one of mine that we didn't go to often. I remember it because the playground was like a old western with a jail and a stagecoach to play on. I don't remember why, but I was sad about something. My mom, being the great mom she is, pulled me aside and talked to me. She taught me a secret that she and my dad shared.  It was a secret sign for 'I love you'. She told me that whenever my dad and her were in public or far away from one another and couldn't talk, they would tug on their ear.  This is how they shared they loved one another without words.

She shared this secret with me to make me feel loved. We practiced the rest of the day at the park, each of us trying to get the others attention and tugging our ear. I remember being on a train ride and her watching me and tugging her ear as the train went by. Although I have no idea why I was sad that day, I remember her love for me.

I was able to share this secret with my son recently. It is sweet to see him share the same tradition my mom and I did. Often, when we are at the grocery  or in the waiting room at the doctors, D will climb onto my lap or grab my leg and get my attention. When I look at him, he will tug his ear with a big smile on his face. I happily tug on my ear also.

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