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Saturday, October 29, 2011


The idea of homeschool was not something I ever even thought about until I quit work last year to move across the country for my husbands work and chose to stay home with my then 2 year old son.  Looking back it is so strange I even started toying with the idea considering what a hard time I had adjusting to being a stay at home mom after working full time for the last 6 years. Nonetheless, I was very intrigued by the idea. I still am, but I waiver back and forth even more know that I know I have an only child.

Having an only child often makes me reject the idea all together. What if he doesn't get enough time with other people? How will he do without built in friends/classmate from siblings? Will he be missing out on something by not having constant and strong relationships with other kids? Play dates are never a problem when kids are young, but know that friends of his are in preschool and kindergarten, it gets harder and harder to plan them. What about being home with just me all day long? What about my schooling? I always thought I would go back once my husband get a permanent job.

Having an only child also often makes to think I couldn't do anything but homeschooling. How could I ever send my only baby away for 7-8 hours a day, just to come home at 3:00 to do homework, help prepare dinner, then start bedtime routine? When will we get to spend time together? Maybe it is selfish, but why should a complete stranger get to spend all day with him and watch him learn and grow? Why can't I be there to experience that?

I still waiver back and forth. Because of where we live and the strange school cut off dates, D will be able to start kindergarten next year. That is only 10 month away! How will I ever decide? I had a hard enough time deciding whether to send him to preschool or not. We didn't. It just wasn't right for us, but sometimes I still worry I made the wrong choice.

So what am I going to do? I have no idea yet. For now I am starting homeschool. D was so ready to learn to read, so that is what we are doing. He loves being able to sound out words. He loves to get to read his stories to his dad. I love getting to see him get so excited about his accomplishments. I have to admit that I feel more confident in my ability to homeschool as I see him learn and grow.

I am sure whatever I decide to do, there will be people who disagree with my choice. I am sure I might even question my decision from time to time. I just plan on taking it day by day and pray that the Lord helps me make this decision when I absolutely must. I would love input from any of you who may be reading this. Thoughts? Feelings? Criticism? :)


  1. I just typed the longest comment ever and totally deleted it on accidend :(

  2. Let me start over. This is going to be a shorter version, :)

    I loved this and feel the exact same way! I'm excited I am not the only one, I feel like I talk to a lot of mom's that can't wait to get their sassy 4 or 5 year old in school. I get so emotional if I think about Lincoln going to school. I didn't have him so that someone else could play with him all day.

    I don't want my baby going to spend 8 hours a day with strangers. I feel like I am suppose to be the main influence over him as his mom and I am not sure if that changes with school or not. There is also only ones school near me that does half day kindergarten (charter school $$)
    I don't think that 5 year olds should be in school all day. That is a long time. The schools out here also have a weird situation with buses like they share them or something. so school is from 9-4pm. 4pm!!!! that is SO late. :(

    Reasons I want to Homeschool

    -Teach my baby myself
    -not revolving our life around school 8 hours a day then homework and baths' and back to school the next day. :(
    -Keep our family really close

    Reasons I don't think I can

    -I'm not smart enough
    -Having a teacher that isn't me might be better for Lincoln
    -Other kids at home might make it hard, distractions
    -I am pretty sure it cost more $$ to homeschool

    I haven't decided but my ideas are:

    -Start him in school and if it's everything I thought it would be I can pull him out of school and I can say we have tried it and it's not for us.

    -Homeschool him until he gets to High school and then he can have the opportunity to answer to teachers besides me, be in Seminary, Get scholarships and teach him a little more about the school social skills/ studying before he goes to college and on his mission.

    I think also that being a member of the church we can worry less about them getting the right social skills when they are little because of ward play group and primary and giving talks at church, etc.

    Plus if you did homeschool you might have the opportunity to meet other homeschool moms and get together at the zoo. Or share your strengths and one can teach cooking classes and someone else can teach music, etc.
    That is what I imagine anyway.

    Excited to know what you decide.

    Between the blog world and the Facebook world I think we would be good friends if we lived close.
    I have a blog too but it's private, message me your email on FB if you ever want an invite :)