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Sunday, October 2, 2011

My New Answer

I am sure all women at some time or another have been asked the "Are you having more?" question, regardless of how many kids they have. I know I have been asked some form of this question a lot. I have recently headed off the question by mentioning that Dallin will be an only child most likely. This usually end the conversation about more children unless the person feels comfortable enough to ask why. If they do ask, I don't have any problem explaining why. It is not something that upsets me or hurts me to talk about. But I think I now have a new answer.

After listening to General Conference today, my answer for "probably not" has changed. When I am asked "When you going to have more children?", I hope to reply, "We are ready to have more children when the Lord is ready to bless us with a baby." I know, if we live righteously, we will be able to have this blessing. I know it may not be in this life, but I can have the faith and patience to wait until the next.

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