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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A DIYer?

Well, we put in a offer on a home and they accepted. It is a 1950 ranch, a bit of a fixer upper. Small, but good for us. 2 bed/1 Bath with a basement we could finish one day. I go through the cycles of way excited, to terrified, to borderline depressed, back to thrilled. I really am happy, but overwhelmed. I have always wanted to be a DIYer, but never thought I could do things like that. It doesn't help that my husband would rather pay someone to do something that do it himself as far as house repairs are concerned. After listing all the things I would eventually want to do to this house, our bank account is going to force us to become DIYers. Any of you DIYers? What are the easier/hardest things you have done? I'll keep you posted how it goes. Here are some pictures.

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