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Friday, July 29, 2011

What's With The Blog Title?

I decided to start blogging my feeling about infertility and having an only child in order for me to sort out my thoughts. When blogger asked me what my blog title and URL would be, I sat there and stared. The first task was finding one that no one else has already come up with. I tried a bunch, but none of them were available.

What to do? Then I remembered reading a blog post about not so lonely onlies. That was it! The title focuses on what I do have, the positive side of what I do have.

Only children often get a bad rep, and I will admit I believed most of them. I felt I was doing my son a disservice by not having more children.  I was the oldest of six kids and my husband was the oldest of four. Neither of have any idea about raising an only child.

Time Magazine did an article about debunking the myths about only children. Only children aren't always spoiled, over achievers, socially awkward, self-centered.  They don't have to be lonely onlies either. Only children are often similar to oldest children, something both my husband and I can relate to. By not giving my son a sibling, we have done nothing that will hinder him in life.

Although the road map we were following has changed, the destination hasn't. We are still striving to be a happy forever family, regardless of the size of that family.

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